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To help change your attitude towards their own work and of themselves, through increased self-esteem and the perception of self and own role, as most important and potentially more influential in the management of company facts and in the achievement of objectives of their function and collectives To help change real behaviors at work in the direction of one greater ability to see problems in time and field effective solutions independently To have a more strategic vision and thus become more active and influential in proposing to other ideas and initiatives aimed at the overall achievement of better overall business results.   fiz & future The speech presents a cross-section of the factors of today's changes, but above all analyzes what the effects of other phenomena underway will be: from artificial intelligence, to the birth of new professions, to new organizational models and as companies, workers and training models will have to change in order to adapt to this future. Addressed to all those interested in having an in-depth point of view on changes that will involve society, the book focuses on the human factor with all the projections on the management of human resources and on the changes that the people will live in the coming years. The new professions, some of them very curious, will also guide the children towards training courses more suited to the new needs that will be created, but will be there always a space dedicated to the value of man and his irreplaceability. Duration about 2 hours People involved from up to 250

Few titles:

Future: instructions for use The female brain Knowing how to live change positively Understand others in 5 seconds Happy children People strategy Knowing how to work in a team

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