Learn to manage collaborators using psychology - 24 hours duration

Negotiation skill

Use negotiation techniques with internal and external customers to get results ok ok - duration 16 hours

Presentation Skill

Learn to train classroom management techniques, creating active participation interaction - 16 hours duration

Train the trainer

Make commercial or project presentations using schemes and techniques appropriate to the user and the situation - duration 16 hours

Team building

Knowing how to manage a team knowing how to grow the collective up to a full maturity - duration 16 hours


Knowing how to recognize body language with all its meanings in every form of interpersonal communication - lasting 8 hours


Know the physiology of our brain to better understand the behavior of others both in sales and in the management of collaborators - 8 hours duration

Management  Tools

Know the basic tools of a modern manager using the appropriate tools in your company with all the management styles and all the organizational models - 8 hours duration

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